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The Natural Surroundings

The wildlife present in the vineyard include:
  • Marsupials like Koalas and Kangaroos
  • Mammals like Echidnas
  • Birds like Black and white cockatoos, rosellas, galahs, piping shrikes, Crows
  • Reptiles like Shingle back lizards, Bearded dragons, geckos, Brown and black snakes

The birds, of which there are plenty thanks to the native vegetation on all sides, keep the insect population under control. Unfortunately they love ripe and ripening grapes too so the whole vineyard is under nets after verasion. They also like to sit on the cordons and knock off the newly opened shoots in spring – but the good they do outweighs the bad at this time of year.

The vineyard has its share of snakes (some very venomous) but they are an important part of the ecology and they do keep rodents under control. They can keep humans under control too if we are not careful!